Enjoy your shopping


1. Is the order confirmed?
Once you’ve made the payment of your order you will receive a confirmation email (check in the junk box too): from that moment we will process the order and produce it. 

2. How many items can I buy in one order?
You can buy as many items as you like with no limits.

3. Do I need to create an account in order to buy?
3. It is not necessary to register in order to purchase an order, but if you’d like to be updated on our latest items and receive exclusive promotions, subscribe to our newsletter.

4. How can I find the items to buy??
In order to find the products, you can use the main Menu, by clicking on the the category you’re interested in, or buy clicking on the images that run on our homepage. You can use filters for a restriced selection of products or use the research box on the top on the right and insert keywords like: colour, type of product, gender…

5. Where can I find information on the products?
In order to see information about the products you can click on the related image. You will open a sheet containing all necessary information.

6. Is it possible to modify a purchased order?
All orders are automatically processed and it is therefore not possible to modifiy the purchased items. In case of mistake or modifications, please contact immediately the Customer Care Service at shopping@cuffieregina.it

7. How can I get updates on promotions and sales?
By subscribing to our newsletter you’ll be updated on all news and promotions of Regina.

8. If an item is not available, is it possible to buy it in the future?
The sizes and colours that are not available, can be produced again during the season. If you wish to know when the item will be available again, contact us at shopping@cuffieregina.it

9. Is it possible to make a present?
Once you have chosen your items, at the moment of the checkout you will just have to insert the address of the person you want to delivery the present to.

10. Is there a size guide?
Of course! You can check all the information by clicking here.

11. Haven’t you received the confirmation email?
It is possible that you digited wrong the email address during the purchase process or that email arrived in the junk box. In order to receive the notification of the order and verify its correct transmission, in this case, it is necessary to contact the Customer Care Service at shopping@cuffieregina.it who will provide you with all necessary information.

12. How can I make a list of favourite products?
Select the heart symbol on your favourite products and you will find them in the wish list on the top to the right: remember to move the products you’d like to buy to the shopping bag in order to proceed with the order!

13. How can I use the promotional codes?
Insert the code in the given space at the moment of the checkout before finalizing the order and you will see the promotion applied on your order; in case it isn’t applied, please check if you have correctly digited the code (it is important to pay attention to capital letters, symbols and numbers in order to write it correctly!); otherwise do not hesitate to contact us.

14. How can I best wash the garments Regina?
In order to correctly wash the garments and to preserve them as long as possible, please find here under our suggestions. We recommend anyway to contact your trusted laundry or to hand wash them by following our recommendations:

  • Immerse the item in a basin or sink full of warm water and a few detergent for delicate clothes. Move the water a bit before immersing the cap in order to better distribute the product.
  • Leave it in the water for a few minutes (in order to fresh up, remove the dirt and get perfumed).
  • Put the item on a white towel or a clean surface and do not expose it directly to the sun as it may fade the colour or to heat sources that may felt it.
  • Remove the item from water and wash it under warm water until it will result clear and with no detergent.
  • Press delicately the item (without twisting it) in order to remove the water and to make it dry more easily.
  • Wait until it naturally dries and take it.
  • If the item has fur parts, dry them with a hair dryer or with the iron steam at a certain distance.