We offer you a true shopping experience, as if you were in store

We believe in the importance that our customers are at ease and satisfied; because of this, we care about offering an online shopping experience at the same time comfortable and functional, but also pleasant, enjoyable and clear, as good as the one you could have in a physical shop.

This experience can change each time adapting on every user’s needs though different channels: our e-shop, simple and intuitive, for people who are familiar with online purchases and prefer to buy autonomously and look out the full collection, or the helped shopping for those who wish a support and some advices or need specific projects or customizations.

Our Support Team and a Fashion Consultant are at your disposal

To stand out and manage every situation as best as we can, in a web full of standardized fashion e-commerce, in addition to the purchase support it’s available a fashion consultant. We believe that the search of the perfect look is easier if you can talk directly with someone expert in colors, harmony, look, trends, style and is inside of the design and production team; she will put her experience at your disposal to help you about wearability, raw materials, matches, customizations and trends.

The advice will take place within 48 hours from the enquiry (Sundays excluded) and will be free. The customer can arrange a free appointment at +39 3455514814.

Listening to the customer, which can contact us in the way that prefers (phone, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Instagram or e-mail) is very important for us. Knowing the people we have to do with and bend over backwards to satisfy them is a routine of our small team: that is the reason why customers grow fond of us and come back to purchase year after year. That’s because they know we’re usually able to grant your enquiries, they can count on us and admire the kindness and attention to details behind every purchase and tailoring.