We offer you a free support team for a shopping experience like in-store

For us it is very important that our customers are at ease and satisfied so it is our concern to offer an online shopping experience that is both comfortable and practical but also pleasant and precise without anything to envy to what you could experience in a real shop.

It may vary from time to time, modeling itself on the basis of the needs of each user, passing through different channels:
  • our e-shop, simple and intuitive, for those who, already having clear ideas and familiar with online purchases, prefer to buy independently or get an idea of ​​the entire collection.

  • assisted shopping via chat dedicated to those who want help or even just an advice, or have a specific request, a project or a customization to be carried out or do not find what they have in mind online: we are happy to make our experience available to advise you best on fit, materials, combinations, possible customizations and current trends.

Listening to the customer, who can contact us in the way they prefer (phone, facetime, whatsapp, instagram or mail) is a priority for us, and for our small team it is routine to know the people we are dealing with by name and go out of your way to satisfy them and always be there in case of need; this is the reason why customers become attached to us and often become attached and return to buy: because they know that we are almost always able to fulfill them, they can count on us and appreciate the humanity behind every purchase and packaging.