Made in Italy

“A man working with his hands is a worker; a man working with his hands and brain is an artisan; a man working with his hands, brain and heart is an artist.”

“Small, unique and inimitable pieces of art”: this is how Regina collections can be described, synonyms of excellence and quality 100% Made in Italy for more than 30 years.
Every Regina garment sprouts from an idea, an intuition that comes to life after an intensive study activity, thanks to a process that involves stylists, seamstresses and embroiderers from the beginning who interact between them in a very artistic and creative way. The production process consists in traditional manual procedures and craftsmanship thanks to the use of ancient tailoring machines used by professional tailors.

Fine yarns, like Merino wool and Cachemire of certified origin, represent the main raw materials used to realize Regina garments. They are monitored during the whole production process in order to ensure their quality. The special finishes, which characterize the collections, are the result of an accurate research of the most precious materials like European certified furs of the best quality.

The unique sophistication of the style, the excellent manufacturing, creativity and innovation, typical of Made In Italy, are known worldwide and represent the characteristics that, together with the undeniable taste for elegance, led Regina to its success.

“Made in Italy is an ancient prestige. It is based on the marriage between creativity, quality and inventiveness.”