Istruzioni di lavaggio

Dear Customers, the Regina garments, even the most particular and precious ones that have important decorations and real fur inserts, can be washed as indicated in the label inside them.

In order to allow you to carry out the cleaning procedure in total safety and allow you to keep the garment for as long as possible, we recommend suggest you hand washing according to our own further recommendations:

  • Dip the item in a bowl or in a sink filled with warm water and put detergent for delicate garments, taking care before the dive to shake the water slightly to distribute the product better.
  • Leave it in the water for a few minutes (just enough time to cool off, remove the dirt).
  • Remove the garment and wash it with warm water until no detergent is present.
  • Press gently the head (without twisting it) to let the excess water out so that it does not remain excessively soaked and can dry out more quickly.
  • Place the garment horizontally on a white towel or on a clean and dry surface, taking care not to expose it directly to sunlight (which could fade it) or to sources of heat that could be felt well.
  • Wait until it dries naturally and remove the garment.