Regina, for over 30 years synonymous with Madeinitaly excellence and quality, is a company specialized in the production of hats, hats and other accessories in wool and cashmere for women, children, men and men, handcrafted with manual procedures and characterized by particular decorations, details original and precious finishes.

It all started in 1986 in Bologna ... it was then that Angela Maffei, waiting for her first child, decided to design them and hand-made her a collection of winter caps and accessories. The passion for embroidery, transmitted by her grandmother and taught by her mother, soon turned from a simple hobby into a real profession thanks to the appreciation received that encouraged the young mother to create a Brand of winter accessories that naturally bore the name of the one who had inspired her, her daughter Regina, and who received a rapid and remarkable success.

Alongside the refined hats for which the brand is now known, there are also a series of women's accessories including versatile ponchos, cardigans and capes with a soft and supple texture that can be matched with delicious scarves, warm gloves, neck warmers and arm warmers. As for the Children's Collection / a and the sophisticated Baby Line, which takes the name of "Little Princess", in addition to the inevitable caps, there are also tender small accessories such as turbans, straps, pacifier holders, sweaters and customizable covers.

Each garment is born from an idea, an intuition and comes to life thanks to a research activity and a creative exchange involving designers, seamstresses and knitters. The basis of the brand's success however, in addition to the unquestionable taste of the collections, there is mainly the quality that distinguishes the products made entirely in Italy. The raw materials, carefully selected and monitored throughout the entire production process, are soft Cashmere and Merino Lane declined in a vast and fascinating color palette, able to interpret trends and satisfy the most demanding customers who can give vent to their imagination choosing the most varied combinations. For the finishes, which can be customized by the customer in every single detail, only precious and refined materials are used, including fox and mink furs (but also ecological for those who prefer it); among the decorations are precious crystals, cabochons, sequins and pearls.
"Small works of art, unique and inimitable" is how the Regina collections can be synthetically defined, which represent the result of a continuous research path thanks to which the Brand has been able to conquer the attention of the best boutiques in the world over the years. adult both baby and child. The Regina collections are aimed at a classy audience of every sex, style and age who loves to keep up with fashion and chooses to stand out from the crowd by wearing exclusive accessories without sacrificing comfort, practicality and quality. Play of light, glittering details, embroidery and glitter characterize the sophisticated models which are combined with more aggressive garments dedicated to charismatic personalities characterized by patches, inserts and special applications. Fur, another great protagonist, whose European provenance and high quality is obvious to the eye and to the touch, is used to finish the most luxurious and warm artifacts much loved in countries with severe winters but not only. Elegance, refinement and originality are the fundamental values ​​which Angela Maffei, founder, owner and stylist, never omits and which she also handed down to her daughter Regina who now supports her and draws with her the different lines inspired in turn by her little .

The distribution network is present in over 20 countries and boasts two executive stores in the localities of Bologna and Cortina d'Ampezzo, and a selection of around 400 department stores and multi-brand boutiques in the most elegant and exclusive locations in the world.